Bio-Path Says Drug Decreases Leukemia Cells Resistant To Standard Of Care

Bio-Path Holdings, a biotechnology company, said Tuesday that a review of BP1001 data as treatment for chronic myelogenous leukemia showed it decreased the proliferation of Gleevec (imatinib)-resistant CML cells in a dose-dependent manner.

CEO Peter Nielsen said the patient data suggest that BP1001 has the potential to treat the 33% of CML patients who are resistant to Gleevec, the current standard of care.

BP1001 pretreatment also enhanced the inhibitory effects of Sprycel in CML cells, the company said, leading to cell death. Two of five CML blast phase patients enrolled in the first cohort of the Phase 1 BP1001 clinical study showed significant reductions in circulating blasts during treatment. One patient’s blasts were reduced from 89% to 12%, while another patient’s blasts were reduced from 24% to 7%.

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