Facebook Identifies Additional Metrics Inaccuracies In Tools Used By Advertisers

Facebook said in a blog post it has identified additional metrics discrepancies for advertisers. The company said it is updating how it calculates the numbers that appear in its estimated reach tool for advertisers after identifying inaccuracies. It is working to provide a more accurate estimate for a given target audience and to better account for audiences across multiple platforms and in most cases, advertisers should expect to see less than a 10% change in the audience sizes shown in the tool.

It is also reallocating streaming reactions counts on posts after determining it had misallocated the extra reactions per user that happened during the live broadcast to the “reactions from shares of post” section instead of counting them in the “reactions on post” section. Facebook said the total counts were correct but some were captured in the wrong reporting column. A fix will apply to newly-created live videos, starting in mid-December. It will increase “reactions on post” by 500% on average and will decrease them on “reactions from shares of post” by 25% on average.

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